Trends in Fashion Jewellery in 2018


Fashion jewellery trends in 2018 we have seen many celebrities and street women to swing for different occasions. Fashionable jewelry 2018 is incredibly diverse. And every girl is able to pick up a favorite accessory by choosing a shape, materials and brand that best match. And try some of these cool fashion jewellery trends.

Trends in fashion jewellery in 2018

Trends in Fashion Jewellery in 2018

This year women will have the opportunity to create their own unique style in 2018 you can wear almost any fashion  jewellery. The main thing to remember is that they should ideally be combined with the chosen outfit.

Therefore you can safely buy and bracelets and rings and earrings of almost any size and shape. But the most pleasant thing is that this winter in the trend will be not only gold and silver. For this reason you can safely wear jewellery made of plastic, leather and inexpensive metals.

If possible, try to buy fashion jewellery with whole sets. In this case, you do not have to pick up the right combination for a long time, and you can not worry that some decoration in style does not suit the other. When choosing trend jewellery, always remember about its color scheme. It should harmonize as much as possible with your wardrobe.

Color range of fashionable ornaments 2018:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • All shades of coral
  • Light blue
  • Light green
  • Combination of black and white

Fashion Jewellery Spring-Summer 2018

Fashion Jewelry Spring-Summer 2018

It is in spring and summer that the representatives can show them in all their glory. At this time of year they do not need to wear bulky warm clothes, beyond which their beautiful figure is not visible. Therefore, with the advent of heat, they try to emphasize the most attractive parts of their body as much as possible.

To make the necessary accent they are helped by fashionable ornaments. In the spring-summer period of 2018 massive plastic beads, three-dimensional clips and feminine chains for legs will return to fashion.

If desired you can safely combine in quality jewellery, and expensive jewellery. All you need to remember is that they should be made in the same style and if possible in the same color scheme.

The rules for combining fashionable ornaments 2018:

  • Gold can be combined with metal imitating platinum or bronze.
  • Diamonds can be safely worn with jade or turquoise.
  • If there are stones in the selected decorations they should be almost the same size.
  • Pearls look pretty good with mother of pearl earrings and beads.
  • It is also strictly forbidden to simultaneously wear gold and plastic.

Fashion for the decoration of autumn-winter 2018

If you look at recent fashion shows we can understand that in the next year will be quite noticeable fashion three-dimensional decorations. A highlight of autumn-winter images will be original brooches of different sizes shapes and colors.

They can decorate warm sweaters, cardigans, coats, sheepskin coats and even hats.

And if you manage to find two completely identical brooches then you can decorate such an inconspicuous part of the women’s wardrobe as gloves rather ingeniously.

But remember in this case it is very important to choose the correct size of the brooch. It should be rather small and not very voluminous. You can try to find a product in the form of a snowflake or a beautiful leaf.

Attract attention to the face will help elongated earrings. They can have a strict geometric shape or rather light and airy.

Rules of wearing ornaments in the autumn-winter period:

  • In case you plan to supplement the image with a rather large and bright adornment, then let it be only one.
  • Costume jewellery, which has a complex shape and a rather rich color, must be worn with simple monochrome clothes.
  • If you need to focus on your neckline or neck then add the elegant suspension.
  • Remember if you put on a massive ring, then the bracelet should be less noticeable.

Fashionable Jewellery with Stones and Leather

Leather almost never goes out of fashion so in this or that interpretation it every year is present on fashion shows. In 2018 you can also wear fashion jewellery made of leather. By this one can safely turn his attention to bracelets and necklaces made of this natural material.

But if earlier you could see quite simple and inconspicuous fashion jewellery at the shows now all fashionable couturiers suggest to complement their image with more elegant leather products decorated with natural stones.

The trend for this winter will be fashion jewellery for the hair and bracelets. They will have such an interesting shape that only one of these decorations can be placed all the accents.

Rules for choosing leather products:

  • When buying leather bracelets, be sure to consider the size of your hand.
  • Large items look very harmonious on thin, elegant wrists.
  • If the chosen decoration during the socks will fit tightly around the hand, then it should be made of the softest material.
  • Natural stones should complement the leather decoration and not stand out against the general background.

Jewellery for Pearls

Jewellery For Pearls

If you like fine jewellery then pearls is exactly what you need. work and for an evening party.

We can say that jewellery made from pearls, almost all women regardless of age and color.

In 2018 in fashion pearl jewellery and the threads can be of completely different length.

Besides white pearls black will again return to fashion. But it will be better if such a necklace or bracelet is additionally trimmed with small natural stones.

Recommendations for wearing pearls:

  • If you want to look slimmer then buy yourself a long pearl bead (they should fall below the level of the clavicle).
  • In case nature has awarded you with a long neck, try to correct this flaw with an elegant short necklace.
  • To divert from problems with the skin will help large pearls trimmed with gold or silver.

Jewellery for Silver

Jewellery from silver

Silver jewellery is pretty and elegant. She makes the woman more tender and young. Rings, chains and bracelets from silver are best worn by day.

How beautiful and natural silver jewellery decorated with semiprecious stones (moonstone and rock crystal) is considered fashionable.

The main advantage of such products is their versatility. You can quite easily combine them with a strict official suit with a light cocktail dress or a rich evening gown. Most silver rings and earrings are fair-haired and dark-haired girl.

The rules of wearing silver jewellery:

  • Choose jewelry, always taking into account the type of your figure.
  • Remember small silver earrings will enlarge your face sufficiently.
  • A beautiful neck will help to allocate a massive silver necklace with an original decorative buckle.

Jewellery for Gold

In 2018 the refinement and grace that gold possesses returned to fashion. Ornaments made from this noble metal are capable of imparting some special elegance.

If you really want to look fashionable then be sure to pay attention to the original bracelets made of yellow gold and decorated with precious or semiprecious stones.

Lovers of exotics can pick up a thin air bracelet with an interesting weaving. In case you want to pick up a gold necklace, then pay attention to more massive products.

Since in the autumn-winter period of 2018 there are big enough decorations in the fashion, it is best to refuse from purchasing the standard chain. If possible then buy a necklace made of gold plates or hoops.

The rules of wearing gold:

  • Gold products are best combined with a more relaxed monophonic outfit.
  • In one bow you can quite easily combine gold of completely different shades.
  • If you want gold ornaments to stand out as much as possible, then wear them with black or gray or brown clothes.
  • A long chain can be transformed into a stylish bracelet by simply twisting her wrist.

Fashion Jewellery Earrings 2018

Fashion Earrings 2018

As much as fashion earrings trends they always remained the most feminine accessory of the fashionable bow.

Therefore each woman can choose for herself an accessory that will help create her own fashionable style. If we talk about the shape of jewellery then there will also be plenty to choose from.

For romantic naturals trendy couturiers offer delicate items made in ethnic style. Ladies who like to be in the center of attention can supplement their outfit with asymmetrical triangle-shaped earrings, rectangles or a circle.

Also pay attention to spiral earrings decorated with stones. And if you liked the latter then make sure that in your wardrobe there was for them some extravagant outfit in yellow or red.

Massive Fashion Jewellery on the Neck

Massive Jewellery on the Neck

If you say neck jewelry then in 2018 the designers suggest a little move away from the standard chains and necklaces. You can fully complement your outfits with such accessories the main thing is that they are massive and noticeable.

In the autumn-winter period of this year at the height of popularity collars will still remain. And if before they were some unearthly then in 2018 they will add a little more femininity.

Gentle stones will make them more delicate a delicate original weave and an openwork metal. As for the beads they should be as long and bright and if possible, made of glass, wood or stones.

Fashionable Bracelets 2018

Fashionable Bracelets 2018

It is this decoration that can show the sophistication of a woman’s style as much as possible. With the help of this simple thing you can create quite unusual bows capable of sufficiently allocating a lady from the crowd.

This year bracelets made of gold and genuine leather will return to fashion. So if you really want to stay in the trend then choose for yourself a product with Indian embossing or Greek weaving. Also you can safely continue to wear massive bracelets decorated with rhinestones thin chains and threads with large beads.

In addition you can choose for yourself a bracelet-watch. Give your preference to models that have a slightly aged leather strap, which must be wound several times around the wrist.


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