Romantic Eye Makeup Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Romantic eye makeup for brown eyes is noticeably different from a makeup made by a blue-eyed or green-eyed girl. In general romantic eye makeup has many features that depend not only on the shade of the eyes but also on the girl’s color the natural of the event and the time of day. And make it any girl at home.

Eye Makeup Ideas Ideas for Valentine's Day

Colors of Romantic Eye Makeup

Makeup of a romantic style implies the use of pastel tones. That is no defiant brightness – only modesty and tenderness. As a tone – only light natural shades – peach beige, ivory and caramel. For the lips we also use light colors scarlet, light pink it does not matter blond girl or brunette. But the romantic eye makeup is directly dependent on the color of the iris.

Basic Rules of Romantic Eye Makeup

  • Shining skin. For it to be such it is necessary either to use a high quality foundation with a shimmer or to have a good sleep. A healthy sleep has a positive effect on the skin condition.
  • Do not spare the ink. Lush eyelashes – the key to a successful romantic image of a girl.
  • Experiment with the arrows. Dark lines emphasizing the eyes can go slightly beyond their borders. This is the arrow. She should aim a little higher otherwise you will have a look.
  • No lipstick. Romantic eye makeup only accepts lip gloss. If your lips are too pale you can apply a little liquid lipstick. We also do not use contour pencils.
  • Do not forget about the blush. They will give the image a kind of shyness, naivety – what is needed for a romantic girl.
  • The shape of the eyebrows. It can be any depending on the shape of your face. But they must be processed. It is best if the eyebrows are of medium thickness. Too thick or thin eyebrows.
  • Powder is always at hand. Wherever you go always take powder with you. Even if you do not use a foundation, preferring a natural complexion, the powder will help you remove the greasy sheen and give the skin radiance.

Romantic eye makeup by the color of eyes with your own hands. Let’s try makeup for a romantic date alone. We will select colors for him depending on the shade of our eyes.

eye makeup tips step by step

Blue Eyes Makeup

Romantic eye makeup for blue eyes involves the use of cold shadows of shadows gray, greenish, silvery-blue, light blue. It is not recommended to use brown shadows – they will make the look heavy. Romantic appearance will help create bright pink shades, if you still dress up in a pink dress or wear an accessory of the same color.

Step-by-step execution of one of the options for a romantic eye makeup for blue-eyed young ladies using the shades of the sea wave:

  1. We draw the contour with a black pencil, shading it with a brush;
  2. In the canter of the century, we apply shadows of the color of the sea wave a deep blue, with sparkles.
  3. Under the eyebrow hold white shadows to make the look expressive.
  4. Eyelashes dye blue ink.

Romantic eye makeup for blue eyes is ready. It is suitable for everyday wear and as an evening makeup.

Green Eyes Makeup

Green eyed girls are a rarity. Many people insert colored lenses in their eyes to somehow become like a mysterious witch. For you, a step-by-step diagram telling how to make a romantic make-up for green eyes yourself is using white, pink, lilac and dark purple hues.

  1. The makeup structure is very simple. First we apply white shadows on eyelid.
  2. The outer part of the mobile upper eyelid is covered in pink.
  3. The arrow is drawn in shades of lilac color. She must aspire upwards and do not go far beyond the eye.
  4. Dark-violet shadows paint over the crease of the upper eyelid. It must create a peculiar contour.

Despite the fact that such a romantic makeup for green eyes is quite colourful, it is not too bright, due to the close to each other shades of lilac. In general green-eyed people can afford a variety of colors: golden, bluish and brown.

Brown Eyes Makeup

Brown Eyes Makeup

Brown-eyed girls – possesses a very rich eye color so there are no “contraindications” in the color gamut of shadows. But let’s not forget that we are trying to make a romantic eye makeup for the brown eyes and not evening and not extravagant so we knowingly renounce black shadows and green shooters.

To create a romantic eye makeup for the brown eyes you can use the previous instruction. Colors can be left the same if you have fair skin. If you are swarthy skin then it is better to replace the pink shades with peach and accordingly lilac and violet, beige and brown.


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