How to do Eye Makeup Correctly That Will Turn into a Supermodel


How to properly make eye makeup using eyeliner and shadows is universal and is suitable not only for a party but also for a social event. Such glamorous eye makeup can be done in just a few steps. will help you choose your color scheme and techniques to give greater expressiveness to this part of the face. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact that even if you see a suitable scheme depending on your type of appearance, it will not always be possible to transfer it to your person, as you simply will not imagine the order of creating such a fascinating look. The times when it was enough to hold a one-color strip of shadows on the upper eyelid have long since passed. Now different combinations of colors and shapes of their outlines Therefore there are various techniques for how to make eye makeup correctly.

Eye Makeup Correctly

There is a classic way which is the most common and not at all complicated. The biggest advantage is the minimum time and effort. If you analyze it step by step then it reduces to the fact that throughout the upper eyelid the basic shade of shadows which is the lightest is actually applied to the eyebrows. The middle of the century is separately covered by an average shade and the darkest contrasting shadows are applied to the outer corner of the eye.

Separately the vertical classical method is distinguished. It is most suitable for makeup for narrow eyes and will make them visually wider. However, this technique is not at all suitable for convex or round eyes. The meaning of this makeup boils down to the fact that all the shadows are applied and shaded along the vertical direction. The area closer to the bridge of the nose is clarified with the help of a hailer or a light concealer. Then this area gradually passes to the inner corner of the eyes which are covered with the lightest shade of shadows. Further the saturation of the shadows and their contrast increase with increasing and in this case there are five. However, it is allowed to reduce their number to four and even three areas. On the Internet, there are many examples of how to make eye makeup photos with this vertical classic makeup. And such models can be quite bold. It is not necessary to use the same color changing only its tonality. It can be a variety of different and bold combinations.

Eye Makeup

For round eyes, the variant of the horizontal classical method will be more interesting. Accordingly, when you create it all the shadows are applied and shaded horizontally. Accordingly, the covered regions of the century are not divided vertically but horizontally. Just like in the first case the first region near the bridge of the nose is clarified with a concealer or hailer. The line of growth of eyelashes is additionally allocated black or any other dark shade of a pencil and also liquid. On the mobile eyelid shadows of an average shade are applied and in the fold of the upper eyelid, the darkest shadows are applied. At the final stage, the lightest shadows are placed under the eyebrow.


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