Healthy Tips for Winter Season


Winter healthy tips – a kind of test for the body. We have to withstand frost lack of light and heat. That is why winter nutrition should give the body everything needed to maintain heat exchange activity and health.

Our Winter Healthy Tips

Our body needs the whole vitamin set so in winter healthy food should be as varied as possible however as in other seasons. But in the winter months, nutrients are consumed faster and this should be taken into account in your diet. In the cold period it is necessary to buy high-quality vitamin complexes in pharmacies.

Winter Healthy Tips 

To strengthen muscles and protect against colds the body needs a building material – proteins. Depending on the source they are of plant and animal origin. Animal proteins are found in meat, fish, eggs, cheese and other dairy products. Vegetable proteins are most in legumes: beans, lentils, peas, soy. Depending on the age sex and motor activity a person per day needs to consume 70 to 120 grams of protein. If the body gets more the proteins turn into fat.

Winter is not the time when you can adhere to low-fat diets. In the cold, fats help maintain normal heat transfer. They are the same as proteins are divided into animals and vegetable. A person needs at least 30 grams of fat per day of which 2/3 of the amount should come in vegetable form (olive, linseed, corn and sunflower oils), and 1/3 in animal form (sour cream, butter, lard).

It is desirable every day to use sour-milk products because they contain easily digestible milk fats they are also rich in proteins. In addition fermented, bacon, and other similar products have a positive effect on the microflora of the intestine thus strengthening the whole body.

In winter there is no such abundance of fresh berries and greens as in the summer. Fruits and vegetables that carry long-term storage and transportation contain more chemicals than vitamins. Freezing maximally preserves all nutrients and vitamins.

Dried fruits are even more useful than frozen fruits since they contain vitamins and other substances in concentrated form. Some nutritionists consider a perfect breakfast or an afternoon snack dried fruit with honey and nuts.

Healthy Tips for Winter Season

Winter Healthy Tips

Try to eat every day in fresh form about five different fruits and vegetables. It can be apples, pears, tangerines, beets, carrots, cabbage, radishes, etc. Winter is the time of citrus. This is the time of their natural maturation. In addition there are a lot of useful substances in citrus fruits, dogrose, viburnum, sea buckthorn and currants are excellent sources of vitamin C and will be useful for a cold and sore throat.

In winter the skin suffers from dry air. And for active metabolic processes more fluid is required. Therefore we want something hot Tea, coffee we traditionally pamper ourselves with these drinks. But you can add something else to the menu. For example from dried fruits and frozen berries it is good to prepare mors – not only tasty but also a useful vitamin drink. To make it just fill it with boiling water and let it steep for a while. Do not forget to wash the dried fruits thoroughly before this. Before using adds honey and not sugar then it will be even tastier and more useful.

In tea it is good to add spices. Ginger, cinnamon, cloves, turmeric and even a little pepper will make the tea warm. By the way spices accelerate the metabolism and the body produces more energy. This is useful for those who want to keep the figure in the winter. With accelerated metabolism fat is consumed more than deposited.

In addition to vitamins the body needs minerals. They participate in the processes of energy production so if a person constantly and strongly freezes, most likely he does not get enough of these trace elements. Minerals are in any food products: seafood, potatoes, vegetables, meat, dairy products, eggs, legumes, nuts, fruits, dried fruits and greens.

We hope that our winter healthy tips will be useful to you. But in addition to nutrition, it is important to adhere to a winter healthy lifestyle. Go for walks in sunny weather, even if there is frost. It is under the influence of sunlight that vitamin D is actively formed in us, which is vital for the health of bones, skin, and teeth increase the body’s resistance. This vitamin can be obtained by adding to your diet eggs, fish, dairy products and cod liver.

Never take alcohol for warming in the street especially on an empty stomach! After a few sips, the illusion of heat appears, since alcohol is quickly absorbed by the walls of the stomach. But it slows down the body’s response to the effects of cold and you can easily frostbite open areas of the body while on the street in frosty weather.

Properly organizing winter food you will easily endure cold and lack of light and you can enjoy life in all its manifestations. Use our winter healthy tips


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