Growing Trend of Meditation at Work


The developments that are happening at a rapid pace and the increasing levels of competence that is expected at the workplace exert lots of pressure on individuals who are employed even in one of the Fortune 500 companies.  There are research studies that suggest that the work pressure by itself or even work pressure in conjunction with the negative work environment could lead to problems like hypertension, poor mental health as well as cardiovascular problems at a very early age. Studies also point to Work stress as being one of the top five causes of death even in developed nations like the USA. But The Eastern countries have one great boon to ensure that this does not happen here. Introducing Meditation at work could well be an apt solution to equip individuals to handle work and workplace stress.

Growing Trend of Meditation at Work

Meditation and performance efficiency

There is an increase in the number of organizations that care for their employees and are glad to invest some time and money in their workforce out of genuine concern for their well-being and also because a satisfied workforce means increased productivity. The fact that reduced work-related stress can improve performance has also been substantiated by a study published in International Journal of Mental Health and Addiction. Meditation at work could provide awesome results. Hiring a meditation instructor and getting all the people in the office involved is the best way to make meditation an acceptable factor in the workplace and create a positive vibe throughout the organization.

Tips for meditating at work

Alternately, if you are your own boss or if your organization does not take any such initiative to introduce Meditation at work, you can still relieve yourself from work stress and improve your performance as there are numerous ways to meditate and there is no hard and fast rule that you have to sit in the lotus position and follow the set procedures and even necessarily close your eyes to meditate. You can even meditate with your eyes wide open. Mindfulness meditation is a type of meditation that is quite apt for practicing on a day to day basis. But again, that need not necessarily be the only type of to follow.

Other types of meditation

Other types of easy to follow meditation at work include

  • Listening to Binaural Beats– this refers to listening to Binaural beats which is nothing but two tones at slightly different frequencies. One will play to your right year and the other will play to your left year. You can listen to these beats while you work or when you have a break at work. It is the simplest meditation but the relaxation it can bring about is enormous.
  • SamathaMeditation– it is also called the calming meditation. It helps you to get more focused and thereby get more productive. It involves the practice of focussing on an inanimate objector even your breath. When your mind wanders, get conscious and try to focus again. This type of meditation can be practiced with your eyes wide open and it is apt for Meditation at work.
  •  Meditative walk– this refers to using the experience of walking as your focus point. This is simple to follow. As you walk, concentrate on the soles of your feet. Recognize the pace at which you are moving etc. you can even conjoin the meditative walk with other things such as listening to binaural beats or meditative music.

Meditation at work is not quite impossible. You just have to make an effort. The increased awareness of its benefits and the possibility of having a satisfied, healthy, and productive workforce is what is the reason for the growing trend of meditation at work.