Easy Ways to Winter Makeup Tips


In winter makeup should differ from its summer version which is due to a number of reasons. Who can boast of excellent color and kind of skin on face. Much more often they have to face problems with its peeling with excessive pallor and irritability. And in such situations beauticians recommend using a special winter makeup.

Easy Ways to Winter Makeup Tips

Winter is one of my favorite times of the year. After all almost all cosmetic brands are preparing the releases of their novelties in time for the New Year Valentine’s Day Makeup Ideas. They can be understood: they are trying for us so that on the biggest and merry holiday of the year we could use only the latest trends in makeup. Moreover, the winter novelties are so beautiful that there is a feeling that this is not only the cosmetics we are used to – in a nice bottle, box or tube, but also a jewel that you want to carry around and show to everyone.

Firstly it should be remembered that in the cold period the skin needs moisturizing, which means that any means for caring for it should not contain alcohol this applies to both purchased in the retail network and homemade preparations. So the most popular are cosmetic products which are based on dairy products and vegetable oils.

Their task is to nourish the skin which as a result must have a fresh look. For the benefit will go and rubbing the face and skin with ice slices like washing, when alternately the skin contacts then with cold then with hot water. But this kind of events should be held in the evening, before going to bed and this condition is of fundamental importance. And upon their completion the face needs to be applied with cosmetic oil or with nourishing creams.

Winter Makeup Step by Step

Winter makeup is a bit different from the seasons of other seasons so you need to treat it carefully. Below you can see a winter makeup step-by-step instruction for creating a winter makeup:

  • At the very beginning apply a moisturizing cream with a thin layer, and then pat the face with a tissue to remove the leftovers. Apply a tonal base that fits your skin tone.
  • Blush in this makeup is not used, because thanks to the frost, a natural blush appears on the cheeks. It is also recommended not to use the powder, but if you are sure that its use is necessary, choose the lightest shade.
  • Conceal disguise flaws (if any).
  • The lightest shade of shadows is applied to the inner corner of the eye, the main color on the moving part, and the dark one to the outer corner. All borders carefully blend so that the transitions are smooth and inconspicuous.
  • The lightest shade of shadows is applied to the inner corner of the eye, the main color on the moving part, and the dark one to the outer corner. All borders carefully blend so that the transitions are smooth and inconspicuous.
  • Apply lipstick with the pads of your fingers to give a slight smear. Be sure to use lip balm!

Winter Makeup Step by Step

Now as for the winter makeup itself in the winter when it is very desirable not to go outside without first applying a tonal facility to the face, regardless of the air temperature outside the window. And in this case the issues of acquiring a suitable tonal basis should be approached as responsibly as possible. Despite the fact that it is a winter season, yet it should contain sunscreens, vitamins, antioxidants that can optimally protect the skin from the negative impact of frost air on it, and the texture of tonal products should not be excessively thick. As for their tones, then choose those options that are lighter than you used in the summer. Also, you should stop using powder, because, as it is endowed with the ability to deprive the skin of the necessary moisture.

As for winter makeup blush you should choose the shades of different shades of peach and pink, but they should be applied in the area of ​​the cheekbones, if you move away from this rule, you risk giving the person an excessive pallor, similar to the painful one.

Winter makeup, waterproof mascara for them because in the winter often come across teargas the blame for this phenomenon can be wind, as well as low air temperature. Also the probability of getting snowflakes on colored eyelashes, especially in snow is not excluded what will become of your face if mascara flows through it leaving black stains. It is not recommended to use dark eyeliner and eye shadow if you do not want to make your eyes tired and emphasize the pallor of your face.

We talked about the fact that the tonal base when applying makeup should have a thick texture and sunscreen filters, the same requirements must be followed with regard to lipstick


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