How To Choose Best Foundation For Textured Skin


The foundation is that most important layer among steps of makeup. The people with the flawless skin don’t need to cover the skin with foundation. However, the majority of women take advantage of foundation to have a fine and healthy skin. So how can you choose the best foundation for textured skin? The article below will give you specific instructions about the selection of the best foundation.


Seven principles to choose best foundation

Foundation is the secret to create a flawless and smooth skin.

  1. Have knowledge of foundation shade

As usual, there are three foundation shades suitable for all skin types, particularly, warm, cold and natural shades.

Cold (blue): If you have reddish skin, this shade should be selected to cover the skin.

Natural (green): Thi is the medium skin tone. It is neither cold nor warm. This color will match the natural brown skin.

Warm (Yellow): If your skin is pink and warm, this is the most suitable foundation shade.

  1. Choose the type of foundation fitting your skin

Dry skin, oily skin and sensitive skin will fit different types of foundation. If you have oily skin, you should choose the foundation with light texture and good ability to control oil. On the other hand, your skin is dry, so it is recommended to consider the product with moisturizing recipes. In case your skin is prone to irritation, you need to avoid thick foundation.

  1. Know what level of coverage you need

There are many types of foundation that can suit your needs.

  • Sheer is the best formula for the skin. You can find it in the tints, as well as BB and CC.
  • Dewy makes the skin more healthy and radiant. But it is not suitable for oily skin and only covers slight defects.
  • Satin creates a smooth and perfect coverage. This product can be used for dry skin.
  • Semi-Matte has good coverage. This is a good choice for defective skin and helps you to bring natural-looking appearance.
  • Matte has low water content, therefore, it suits oily skin and provides good coverage.
  1. Keep the cosmetic layer on the skin all day

Transparent foundation usually does not stay long on the skin. Therefore, if you have to participate in the party that lasts for many hours, you should choose a thick foundation that can keep the skin smooth all day.

Best foundation for textured skin

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Make-up

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Makeup is a product of Loreal Maybelline New York, helping you create a perfect foundation.

The main advantage of Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Make-up is that it owns a thin and natural layer.  The product is not too shiny and greasy. The ability to control oil is highly appreciated. Besides, the foundation contains LFS 18 sunscreen.

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Make-up can bring the impressive results below:

  • Create a perfectly and naturally smooth layer. If other people see your face, they can hardly detect that your face is covered with cosmetic powder.
  • Give you an even and uniform skin color and cover most defects on the skin such as melasma, freckle and areas of different pigments.
  • Bring the skin a pleasant feeling; do not block pores due to its powder texture in cream form that is extremely tiny and smooth.
  • Create a translucent matte that looks perfectly natural. The color is quite standard and uniform. This is considered to be an important factor in achieving the expected makeup.
  • Contain LFS 18 sunscreen; therefore, you do not need to add sun cream. Moreover, Maybelline has a good ability to control oil and stay longer on the face.
  • The quality of the powder is guaranteed because of being offered by Loreal Maybelline New York, a renown brand.

In terms of usage, after applying the lotion, you apply some foundation on your hands. Then, you use the fingers to dot the foundation on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. After that, you use the fingertip to rub and spread the cream dots. Note that you should concentrate a little more in the dark areas like the area under the eyes and the ala of the nose.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup, Warm Golden

The mousse texture helps the skin become smooth and soft and creates a uniform and radiant layer throughout the day. The foundation can be kept on the skin during 24 hours without causing cakey makeup.

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup, Warm Golden is specifically designed for oily skin and super oily skin because of its special texture. The cream is very thick and soft like frothy fresh cream.

For this reason, it is not necessary to use too much cream to cover the whole face. Every layer of foundation should be thin and smooth until you reach the desired coverage. If you apply the cream in this way, the base layer will be smooth and even. In addition, you can avoid clogging the pores.

You should use a brush to spread the cream before using the sponge to keep the cream fixed and even. Also, you cover each area on the face instead of dotting cream to the whole face, then spreading all over the face. If so, it is difficult to control the color uniformity of the foundation.

The product has a very good coverage. The foundation will be super smooth even though your face has many defects such as acne and large pores. For the oily skin, this foundation nearly keeps the color all day. The ability to control oil is fine. However, if you work in the room with air-conditioner or temperate climate, you are advised to bring a mineral spray bottle. Otherwise, the foundation will be susceptible to cakey.

Estee Lauder Double Care Stay In Place Makeup SPF10

Estee Lauder Double Care Stay In Place Makeup SPF10 has the following characteristics:

  • Color fastness lasts for 15 hours.
  • The face looks radiant and natural, even when you are in hot and humid weather and have to exercise for many hours.
  • The foundation is lightweight, oil-free. Besides, it does not contain fragrance, cause acne or make the color change.
  • The product has medium coverage and brings semi-matte finish.

Double wear stay in place is the best selling product of Etstee Lauder. The product is well known for its coverage and color fastness. As a result, the product has received quite a few good reviews from customers, bloggers and youtubers who specialize in reviewing cosmetic.

Double wear stay in place is suitable for all skin types, especially mixed skin and oily skin. Because the product does not contain oil, those who with dry skin should use moisturizer.

Formulated with thin and light foundation together with the good coverage, this product makes your skin smooth and does not cause the skin to clog. The product does not contain any fragrance and does not cause acne.

In general, to have a flawless skin, you should learn how to use the foundation. The types of foundation above have many advantages. Hope that you can choose the best foundation for textured skin.




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