4 Back Pain Relief Exercises That Will Help Get Rid of Back Pain


These simple but very effective back pain relief exercises from back pain can be performed every day prevention and relief of pain.

Exercises play a very important role in chronic back pain. Physical exercises with sciatica will strengthen certain muscles of the back, increases the flexibility of the spine. Performing exercises for chronic back pain should be considered as part of a general program that will allow you to return to the normal mode of life and avoid disability.

There are various types of back pain exercises. To reduce pain in sciatica, stretch exercises are best. To improve the functions of the spine, exercises aimed at strengthening the muscles of the back are best suited.

If you sit or stand for a long time a deep aching pain may appear in the lower back. Weak muscles of the back lead to incorrect posture. In order to somehow compensate for this problem, the square muscles of the waist, which extend from the ribs to the hips, you need to make more efforts to stabilize the spine. As a result of such overtime, they get tired much faster and are the source of this aching pain. Also these muscles are located next to the kidneys and colon, which means that they can influence your well-being even by affecting these internal organs (kidney pain and digestive problems).

Fortunately in yoga there are special exercises that will help to strengthen this problem place and restore its flexibility. The disappearance of the tension in these muscles will lengthen the sides and make you feel a pleasant relaxation lower back and hips.

Yoga offers many asanas, which will very carefully help remove tension from this part of the back, stretch and at the same time strengthen the right muscles.

Back Pain Relief Exercises 1

Back Pain Relief Exercises 1

Starting position – Tadasana (pose of the mountain). Raise your hands up and begin to stretch your left hand even higher: as if you are trying to reach the apple from the above your head. Bend the right knee; pull up the right thigh bone. Inhale and try to feel the stress in the left square muscle of the waist. Exhale and relax. Repeat the same on the other side. Perform 10 repetitions on each side of the body.

Back Pain Relief Exercises 2

Back Pain Relief Exercises 2

Sit on the floor the emphasis on your knees and hands rest on the floor right under your shoulders. Blend the knees and inner parts of the placed under bones. Take your hips to the left until you feel comfortable, the left hip is on the bottom, the right one is on top. Inhale and stretch along the left lower back and thigh. Go back to the starting position and do the same on the right side. Alternate the sides, each time passing through the central (initial) position. After you perform several repetitions on each side

Back Pain Relief Exercises 3

Back Pain Relief Exercises 3

Place the pillow or cushion against your left hip, then unfold the trunk to the pillow. Continuing to stretch in the spine, put your hands on each side of the pillow and lean until you touch the pillows with ribs and chest. Turn your head in the direction most convenient for you. Bend your hips and knees until you find a position with a pleasant light stress in the right side, allowing your right hip to stretch in the opposite direction from the lower ribs. Relax in this position for a few minutes. Then take a few deep breaths and exhale and change the side.

Back Pain Relief Exercises 4

Lie down on your back and perform a lateral stretching of the spine, bending your right knee. Shoulders and head should lie on the floor. Grab the right wrist with your left hand. Then move your legs a little to the right, laying your foot on your leg to make it easier to keep your legs together. Let the left side of your body stretch out for a few minutes and then change the side.

These exercises will help to relieve pressure in the back and prevent the appearance of pain, to become a prevention of spine disease.


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